Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Journal: Digital Humanities Quarterly

The free, open access journal Digital Humanities Quarterly has just published its first issue. An excerpt from the editorial:
It is tempting, in the first issue of a journal by this name, to pose the question, “What is digital humanities?” and perhaps to attempt an answer. Instead, we defer this question to the future, with the expectation that it will be answered, or at least addressed, in the annals that are to be written and published here. Not the first issue, nor even the tenth, will give a sense of the emerging shape: it will take time for the range of submissions to represent the real contours of the field. And there will be a further dialectical process of reading and authorship, provocation and response, through which we can expect the field to evolve. The question for this journal is thus not “What is digital humanities?” but “How can we shape the digital humanities?”, and we hope the process will reward your attention. . . . MORE

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