Sunday, July 6, 2008

Posting One's Articles on Personal and Departmental Websites

Many BC faculty wish to provide full-text access to their journal publications on both their department’s and their own personal websites. However, there are often challenges to doing so, notably when the author has signed over their copyright to the publisher in the publication contract.

The following website is very useful: SHERPA/RoMEO: Publisher Copyright Policies & Self-Archiving. Though it’s UK based, it’s still valuable for the US. Essentially the website may be used to find a summary of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement. Though it certainly does not include every publisher, the number of publishers listed is fairly large.

Each publisher is assigned a color (green, blue, yellow, or white). “Green” is the best: an author can provide access to the full-text of the pre-print and the post-print of her/his journal article. Some green publishers, e.g. Cambridge U. Press, Duke U. Press, U. of California Press (and many others) allow an author to place the actual publisher’s version/PDF on the author’s personal or departmental web page. The SHERPA/RoMEO url is:

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