Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Publication on Authors Rights

Charles Bailey has a new publication re. Authors Rights. It’s a short, simple, yet very useful overview of such issues as: Copyright, Self-Archiving, and Open Access Journals; Conventional Publisher Agreements; Copyright Addenda; Retaining Full Copyright; Creative Commons Licenses; Self-Archiving Your Article; Publishing in Open Access Journals, etc. Bailey also lists a number of relevant references to online documents and links to pertinent websites (including several very useful videos on author rights).

This publication should be a valuable resource for faculty, grad students and other BC authors re. author rights, retaining one’s copyright, scholarship@BC, etc.

The URL of Bailey’s publication is: http://www.digital-scholarship.org/ts/authorrights.pdf

Bailey has another valuable publication in the same series on “Institutional Repositories”: http://www.digital-scholarship.org/ts/irtoutsuite.pdf

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