Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Upcoming Conference on the Future of the Book

On Nov. 11, a panel of representatives from academic presses will conduct a discussion at Columbia University titled "The Future of the Book: Can the Endangered Monograph Survive?" The following is an excerpt from the announcement:
For humanities scholars seeking promotion or tenure, having a published monograph—a work of writing on a single subject—is often a key requirement. Due to small, specialized audiences and growing financial challenges for university presses and academic libraries, the business of publishing these monographs has long been a troubled undertaking. The panel will discuss the future of the print monograph, especially in light of the increasing digitization of scholarly communication.
Access to the live session will be available, as will a video soon after the event. For more information, see this web article on LISWire and the Events page for the Scholarly Communication Program on the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services website.

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