Friday, February 12, 2010

Napoleonic Wars Exhibit

The European Library has a fascinating online exhibit on the Napoleonic Wars. The exhibit is divided into five sections.
  • Wars: "Battles, grenadiers, artilleries, attacks, victories and defeats! Napoleonic Wars were portrayed differently across Europe."
  • Portraits: "Dresses, headgears and sideburns from 1802 to 1896. This selection of portraits immortalizes public figures, sumptuous houses, crowds & daily life."
  • Maps: "Military maps, city plans and magnificent representations of the well documented assaults launched by Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe."
  • Texts: "Rare letters, books, manuscripts and other prints chronologically displayed. Discover the handwriting of Napoleon Bonaparte or the original 'Charte Constitutionelle'".
  • Specials: "Playing cards, comics, music scores, coins, Napoleon Bonaparte’s marble bust."

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