Monday, November 15, 2010

"Open Access at the Wellcome Trust: 5 Years On"

In 2006, the UK's Wellcome Trust, a major funder of research, specified that all research that resulted from its funding be made open access, that is, be freely available. However, for the first couple of years compliance by funding recipients was low. At the recent Berlin 8 meeting in Beijing, Robert Kiley, Head Digital Services, Wellcome Trust, in a presentation "Open Access at the Wellcome Trust: 5 Years On" showed that there has been significant increase in compliance since 2006 -- it is now around 50%. Kiley, stating that there is still a long way to go, considers what other steps Wellcome Trust should take to improve compliance with its OA mandate.

Kiley also discusses the goal of transforming UK's PubMed Central into a Europe PMC, that is "a single, Europe-wide, repository where all European-funded, peer-reviewed, biomedical research papers can be accessed, data-mined and integrated into other related information sources".

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