Friday, December 10, 2010

Fabian Society Online Archive

A London School of Economics (LSE) website particularly useful to historians of British history is the open access Fabian Society Online Archive. The Fabian Society started publishing tracts in 1884, and included in this site are most tracts up to 1997. There are about 580 tracts. Among the authors are Sidney and Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw, founders of the LSE. Other famous authors include Clement Attlee; Tony Benn; Tony Blair; Gordon Brown; G. D. H. Cole; Tony Crosland; R. H. S. Crossman; Denis Healey; Harold Laski; Kingsley Martin; Harold Wilson.

Topics treated in the tracts include:

* cultural matters
* economics
* electoral reform
* foreign policy (such as colonialism, the Cold War and relations with Europe)
* industrial relations
* the Labour Party
* local government
* politics (such as electoral and parliamentary reform)
* poverty
* social reform (such as education, health and pensions)
* socialism
* women's issues

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