Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Gold on Hold" -- Editorial in Nature

A 26 February 2013 editorial in Nature while welcoming aspects of the White House's recent Open Access policy expresses disappointment that the policy does not go far enough. Indeed it states that complete OA to research was undermined by the announcement.
The US Office of Science and Technology Policy has asked federal agencies to prepare plans to ensure that all articles and data produced from research that they fund are made publicly accessible within 12 months of publication. That delayed-access approach would have looked progressive five years ago, when the US National Institutes of Health was first putting into practice its mandate that (at least) the authors’ final versions of papers must be freely available within a maximum of a year of publishing — a ‘green’ open-access approach, with which this publication has consistently complied. But in 2013, it looks as if a combination of financial constraints and a lack of firm resolve at the top of the US government is blocking movement towards the policy that ultimately benefits science the most: ‘gold’ open access, in which the published article is immediately freely available, paid for by a processing charge rather than by readers’ subscriptions.
The full editorial

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