Monday, April 22, 2013

MIT's Global Open Access Outreach

Four years after MIT faculty established their Open Access Policy to facilitate the widest outreach possible globally to their research, Ellen Finnie Duranceau, MIT's Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing and Licensing, provided a fascinating analysis of where MIT's scholarship is being downloaded:
Only one-third of the use originates in the United States, while North America as a whole accounts for 36% of the activity. Downloads are otherwise widely distributed, with even the well-populated and research-intensive countries of China, India, and the UK contributing just 10%, 6%, and 5% respectively. Downloads from around the world include those from Nigeria and Argentina (both 0.1%), Estonia (.05%) and Malta (.02%). Europe is the origin of consistent activity, including from Italy (2%), Poland (0.7%), and Spain (.01%). Australia and New Zealand account for an additional 2% of downloads.

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