Thursday, May 3, 2007

ERIC Microfiche Digitization Project

A news item on the ERIC (Education Research Information Center) web site provides an update on the program to digitize thousands of microfiche documents and make them open acess:

ERIC is undertaking an initiative to obtain permission from copyright holders to convert, archive, post, and disseminate an electronic copy of full-text microfiche documents indexed from 1966-1992. The digitization project includes about 340,000 documents currently available only in microfiche format due to the specific language of the permission forms and the technology available at the time of indexing. This initiative will continue until March 2009.

For faculty, perhaps the most important part of the announcement is the paragraph below which outlines the steps you can take to grant open access to publications you might have in this collection:

If you have contributed a document that is currently available only in microfiche, and would like to grant ERIC the right to disseminate your document(s), please complete the contact form below. NAPC will contact you about the document(s) you submitted and request approval (see sample authorization agreement) for each document. If you know someone who contributed a document in the timeframe1966-1992, please pass the word. ERIC appreciates your interest in, and support of, this initiative to more broadly disseminate the historical materials in the ERIC Collection.

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