Sunday, May 13, 2007

Keeping Up-To-Date With LOCKSS

Boston College Libraries participate in the LOCKSS ("Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe") digital preservation initiative. LOCKSS is "open source software that provides librarians with an easy and inexpensive way to collect, store, preserve, and provide access to their own, local copy of authorized content they purchase." For more on LOCKSS see Content Releases, a section on the LOCKSS website, is useful for keeping up to date with recent additions to the LOCKSS preservation program. For example, the entry for 9th May, 2007:

Twenty volumes from three new American Society of Agronomy - Crop Science Society of America - Soil Science Society titles, six volumes from one new BioMed Central title, thirty six additional volumes from seven BioMed Central titles, one additional volume from one Canadian Medical Association title and one additional volume from one Massachusetts Medical Society title are now available for preservation by LOCKSS Alliance members. One additional volume from the open access title Secrecy News is now available for preservation by all LOCKSS boxes.

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